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Zoomer Dino

Zoomer didn’t just create a family of interactive puppies, they have Dinosaurs as well, and Boomer is a member of the Zoomer Dino family.

Spin Master Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino Pet Dinosaur

Boomer gets angry - just like a real dinosaur - especially if you pull his tail. He can spin himself around, roar and chomp his enormous teeth. But he also likes to play.

You can tell if he's happy or being one mean-minded Dino. His eyes change color depending on his mood.

  • His eyes will turn blue when he senses your hand, and when he's being trained they'll be purple.
  • ​If he's about to go on a rampage though, they'll turn red !​
  • ​But then pat his nose and he'll let you know he's happy by changing his eyes to green.

He's an interactive dinosaur and its your role to tame him! You can teach him to follow you around, to chase you, to dance, chomp his reptilian jaws, to roar like only a dinosaur can, and to perform tricks.

He uses True Balance Technology to keep himself balanced wherever he goes, and he responds to movement. With Dino-responsiveness he'll react when you touch or stroke him, so use your hands to train him to be your friend and a loyal pet.

Control him well and he'll follow you around and perform tricks for you.

​You will need to recharge Boomer using the USB charge cable provided. A fresh charge lasts around 30 to 40 minutes. And the control handset requires 3 x AAA batteries.  

Spin Master Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino Boxed

  • Control Boomer with your hands and the remote control.
  • He has real dinosaur movements and sounds so teach him what you want him to do.
  • He's touch sensitive and responds to motion.
  • He's ready to learn tricks.
  • He's a moody Dino. Beware!

What's in The Box?

In the box you'll find Zoomer Dino, Control Pod, USB Charging cable and instructions.

​This is an ideal gift for kids aged 5 and above. Check it out at Amazon.com

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[Updated 07 Aug 2018]