Tree House Toys For Kids

Tree house toys for kids
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Not everyone has a tree in the backyard, let alone one big enough to climb or accommodate a tree house. Tree climbing is one thing but having a place up high in the tree branches has to be a favorite fantasy place for a child's den!

These tree house playsets can bring that fantasy a step closer, provide hours of fun for kids, and help them develop fine motor skills and imaginative play. Check them out.

The Last Kids on Earth Tree House Playset

The Last Kids On Earth - Tree House of Awesomeness Playset, Includes Exclusive Jack Action Figure & 2 Zombies

Kids can become 'end of the world' heroes when playing with the Tree House of Awesomeness. Based on the Netflix and NYT best-selling book series, this treehouse playset has Teen Jack Sullivan battling monsters and zombies.

Jack can slide down the zip wire, aim and fire a disc at the tree house to make it fall apart, or shoot at his zombie foes.

The tree house set includes a ladder, string, hook, bucket, zip-line, Jack figure, a disc launcher, three disks, two zombie figures, and a sticker sheet.

For Ages: 6 to 9 years.

Fatbrain Timber Tots Tree House

Fat Brain Toys Timber Tots Tree House Classic & Retro Toys for Ages 2 to 4

Timber Tots is a robust tree house playset for toddlers with a touch of retro.

With the press of a button at the top of the tree, the canopy lifts to reveal the main play area with living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. At the base of the tree, there's a car park area, a swing, a shrub with a hiding place, and a little red car.
Two 5cm animal figures are included, along with ten accessories.

You can store all the accessories on the treehouse floor, and then the canopy can be pushed down, keeping everything tidy.

Ages: 3 to 6 years.

Vatos Tree House Building Playset

VATOS Tree House STEM Building Toy: 1155PCS Creative Building Set for Kids with LED Light | 4 Seasons in 1 Treehouse Building Bricks Forest House Adventure Playset for 6 7 8 9 10+ Girls Boys Best Gift

This Tree House Playset from Vatos has many detailed and functioning features. The 1155 pieces build into a substantial toy house built off the ground using a tree for support.

The playset provides kids with two floors of play area, including an opening roof, a living room, bedroom, and patio, and at ground level, there's a garden.

The structure has many play areas and provides kids with all they need for adventurous, imaginative play. The rooms can be LED illuminated, and kids can change the tree foliage to match the seasons.

We would have preferred the tree to be more visible, but this is a nicely detailed building playset that should provide scope for many adventures for children to enact.

Ages: 6 to 10 years.

Schleich Farm World Tree House Adventure Playset

Schleich Farm World Adventure Tree House 28-piece Farm Playset for Kids Ages 3-8, 5.91x6.3x7.09inch

The Schleich Farm World Tree house playset has plenty of features to help bring kids' imaginations alive and provide them with hours of fun.

The 28-piece accessory set includes:

  • Girl and boy figures with movable arms and legs.
  • A working pulley that enables kids to pull the supplies tray up and down.
  • A secret hedgehog's home in the tree trunk.
  • A rope ladder, slide, and tire swing for playtime fun.
  • Four animal figures that share the tree

The Farm World Tree House is a realistic toy with lifelike detail that helps children work around animals.

Ages: 3 to 8 years.

In addition, you can buy the treehouse playset with a Chicken Farm set or a Horse Rider Cafe playset.

Idea Tree House Building Kit from Tamexi

Idea Tree House Bricks Model Toys Set, DIY Forest House Building Blocks Street View Sets, for Teens Boys Girls/Adults Ages 14+ Tree House Display (4761 Pcs)

This treehouse building kit is for older kids - young teenagers - probably because there is so much building involved. The set takes 4761 pieces to construct the treehouse and connected adjacent house, with a lot of detail. It can take a while to build and poses the sort of challenge that young teens love.

Four mini-figures come with the set - mom, dad, two children, a bird figure, and full step-by-step instructions.

The pieces are smaller and incompatible with LEGO but are equally as detailed. There are interchangeable sets of leaves to cover the summer and winter months.

Ages: 14 years and over.

LEGO Ideas Tree House

LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 Build and Display (3036 Pieces)

Hugely detailed and with an emphasis on the tree trunk and canopy, the LEGO Ideas Tree House looks the part.

Kids have three cabins high in the canopy to play with, a mini-figure family of mom, dad, and two children, over 180 botanical elements including interchangeable summer and fall leaves, and enough raw material to feed any imaginative mind. The treetop and the cabin roofs are removable for easier access to the tree's core.

The 3036 piece LEGO Tree House is graded as an adult set for kids sixteen and older, but I can see younger teens who enjoy building kits and/or LEGO gain a lot of fun from the set.

Tree House toys and playsets for all ages can let kids' imaginations take off and immerse them in hours of creative play, story-telling, and role play.

They provide a serious alternative to more conventional house-based playsets and make excellent presents for Christmas or other special occasions.

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