Top New Lightyear Toys

New Lightyear Toys
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The new lightyear toys have arrived, featuring figures, spacecraft, and various children's merchandise.

Lightyear - the computer-animated sci-fi action movie from Pixar and Disney - is a spin-off from the Toy Story series and tells the story of Buzz Lightyear's early life as a Space Ranger in Star Command.

The movie follows the attempts of a young Buzz to find his way home through space and time after being stranded on a hostile planet.

With his companions Izzy Hawthorne, Mo Morrison, Darby Steel, and Sox a feline robot, Buzz must fight the invading Zyclops robots being led by Zurg.

Go see the movie to get the entire storyline and the twist in the tail!

See all the New Lightyear toys HERE!

Buzz Lightyear 12 inch Figure with 4 Accessories

Buzz Lightyear 12inch Figure


This 11.6-inch Buzz lightyear figure has 12 posable joints that even small hands can reposition. Includes:

  • MR-800M Rocket launcher (Mr. Boom) with projectile.
  • Handheld Blaster.
  • Laser Blade.
  • Arm-strapped Laser

He's a Space Ranger ready to take on Zurg and his army of robots.

For Ages: 4 years and up.

Lightyear Toys Zurg 10 inch Figure

Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg 10-in Tall Action Figure, 13 Posable Joints Authentic Detail, Movie Collector Toy, Kids Gift Ages 4 Years & Up


Zurg has 13 movable joints on this figure that is a tad under 10 inches tall. He comes complete with a Blaster and projectiles and is ready to lead his army of Zyclops robots against Buzz and his friends.

Ages: 4 and up.

Zyclops 8 inch Battle Equipped Figure

Disney Pixar Lightyear Battle Equipped Zyclops Robot Figure, 12 Posable Joints, Arm Cannon, Blasting & Eject Action & Projectiles, 4 Years & Up


Part of Zurg's robot army, this Zyclops 8-inch tall battle-ready figure features:

  • Twelve posable joints to recreate fight scenes.
  • Removable Arm Blaster.
  • Two Transportation Discs that pop out.

Can Buzz defeat all the Zyclops warriors?

Ages: 4 years and up.

Izzy Hawthorne 7 inch Scale Zap Patrol Figure 

Disney Pixar Lightyear Alpha Class Collector Action Figure, Izzy Hawthorne Jr Zap Patrol 7 Inch Scale, 24 Articulated Joints, 6 Years & Up


What you notice with Mattel's 7-inch scale figure of Izzy Hawthorne is the authentic details included on the 6-inch tall figure. Izzy has 24 articulated joints, including double-hinged knees and elbows, which allows a wide range of possible poses.

She has cargo-pocketed armor and comes with a removable helmet, a
laser blade DX for hacking through hostile undergrowth, and an L-85 Dubble Decker Grenade Lobber for some serious action.

Ages: 6 years and up.

Zurg Hyperspeed Series Fighter Ship with 2.25 inch Figure

Disney Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series Zurg Fighter Ship 9.25 Inches Long Authentic Detail, with Zurg Figure 2.25 Inches Tall, Fan Gift Ages 4 Years & Up


Kids can enact the Lightyear scenes featuring Zurg with their own Hyperspeed Series Fighter Spacecraft - The personal space fighter of Buzz's adversary Zurg.

The fighter has button-activated missiles on either side, fold-out landing gear, and a hinged canopy. The 2.25-inch Zurg figure has movable joints so that you can position it in the cockpit.

The dimensions are Length 9.25 inches x Width 7 inches x Height 4 inches. The purple and green color scheme looks great, and there is a nice amount of detail on the fuselage.

Ages: 4 years and up.

Disney Pixar Lightyear Blast and Battle XL-15 Spaceship with 5 inch Buzz Figure

Disney Pixar Lightyear Blast & Battle XL-15 Spaceship, 20 Inch Long Authentic Buzz Figure, Hero Moment Movie Collectable, Fan Gift Ages 4 Years & Up


This 20-inch model from Mattel of Buzz's XL-15 Space fighter looks neat in pale blue and off-white/grey livery. You will need to do some minor assembly, mainly wings, and engine nacelles.

The spaceship has three-point landing gear, which you need to fold down, and a fully opening cockpit canopy that releases with a top latch.

You can fire missiles from beneath the wings on either side - two launchers in total but four missiles supplied. The two spares fit into pods on the wing's trailing edge.

The Buzz figure is 5-inches tall and doesn't have as much detail as other Buzz figures. It does have a removable clear dome helmet and full standard articulation and fits into the cockpit with his jetpack attached and folded back.

A neat feature is a slider underneath the craft's rear, which will open the canopy and panels behind the cockpit and make Buzz spring up with his jetpack deployed, ready for action.

Ages: 4 years and up.

LEGO Disney Pixar Zurg 261 Piece Battle Set

LEGO Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg Battle 76831 Building Toy Set (261 Pieces)


LEGO's Zurg Battle Set includes a buildable posable Zurg figure, two Star Command mini-figures, and a Sox and E.R.I.C. figure. The main components build into a 5+ inch Zurg.

The set includes a wrist laser, shooter, and a blaster for Lightyear-authentic pretend play. Set number 76831 includes easy-to-follow instructions and 261 pieces.

For Ages: 7 and up.

Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear 6.75 inch Figure + Sox Robot Companion

Disney Pixar Lightyear Alpha Class Collector Action Figure, Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear & Sox 6.75 Inches, 24 Articulated Joints, 6 Years & Up


There is a wide range of poses possible with this 6.75-inch Buzz figure due to its 24 articulated joints, which include double-jointed knees and elbows.

Also included are Sox, Buzz's feline robot companion, and his high-tech carrier.

Ages: 6 years and up.

Mo Morrison 7 inch Scale Zap Patrol Figure

Zap Patrol Mo Morrison, Mattel's Disney Pixar Lightyear Alpha Class Collector Action Figure


In common with other 7-inch Scale figures, Mo has 24 articulated joints, including double-hinged knees and elbows, so you have many positions you can pose him in.

Included is Mo's helmet, a laser blade for hacking through hostile plants, and a harpoon rifle for keeping deadly bugs at bay.

Ages: 6 and over.

Sox Plush - Buzz's Emotional Support Robot Companion

Disney Pixar Lightyear Mission Pal Sox Feature Plush [Amazon Exclusive]


Sox, Buzz Lightyear's robot companion, is available as a cuddly plush toy. Made with a soft, easy-to-the-touch fabric, Sox will emit sounds from the movie when you press the left paw.

Ages: 3 years and up.

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