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Top Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Toys and Gifts

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out in 2014, I couldn't wait for a sequel. It didn't happen until mid 2017, but I was delighted when GOTG vol 2 hit the big screen, with the same amusing and disparate characters of the original.

The motley crew consists of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Rocket - an attitudinal gun-toting raccoon, Groot a humanoid-shaped figure in tree-form - now re-incarnated as Baby Groot, the mysterious green-skinned Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer - hell bent on revenge!

I've selected the best of the current crop of Guardians toys and gifts, shown below.

Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Toys

Guardians of The Galaxy Milano Starship

The Marvel Milano Starship vehicle from Hasbro, features lights and battle sounds. It comes with a Star-Lord figure plus two missiles.

The hinged cockpit canopy opens to allow the Star-Lord figure to be seated ready for some intergalactic adventures.

The cockpit can accomodate up to three of the GOTG 2.5 inch figures, which are sold separately.

The Milano Starship requires two AA batteries which are not included. Some assembly by an adult is needed. It's aimed at 4 year olds and up.

GOTG Kids Star-Lord Mask

Plenty of make-believe fun to be enjoyed here!

Kids can put on this mask and transport themselves to the GOTG universe. All those inter-galactic battles to fight and overcome evil!

It's a pity there's not a kids version of the StarLord Electronic Helmet that's made for adults (see HERE!) with the LED eyes, sound effects, and Bluetooth wireless technology. They'd love that. Sadly it's just too big for children, even teens!

Star-Lord Elemental Blaster

Any self-respecting Guardian of the Galaxy has got to have a suitable weapon. And kids love this one!

When they suit-up to become their own favorite Guardian, this Elemental Blaster packs a lot of fun.

It doesn't fire any projectiles, but when you squeeze the trigger it emits sound effects! You need to rotate the blaster 180 degrees to change between the three different effects, which are denoted by colored lights at the front sides of the barrel:  

Red for Fire mode, Green for Water mode, and Yellow for Electricity mode.

Kids can pretend to drench, burn or electrocute their galactic enemies, and take the intergalactic space-punks down.

Two AA batteries are supplied but it makes sense to get extra batteries at the outset, 'cos there's a lot of adventures to be had playing Star-Lord with this Elemental Blaster.

Guardians of the Galaxy Figures

GOTG 6 Inch Legends Series Star-Lord Figure

This six inch figure of Peter Quill the Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy is supplied with two blasters and an alternative head - one that's wearing his helmet.

It's a definite improvement on the figure that was around after the first movie. It's well sculpted with good paintwork.

The guns can be a bit fiddly to attach to the figure, but do stay in place when fitted.

Suitable for children 4 years and older.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Figurine Set

This is an attractive and realistic figurine set.

Figures are about four inches tall, with Rocket measuring up at about two inches.

This would make a great gift as either a collectible or a toy. The detail is good and the figures are cute.

GOTG Back Packs

Backpacks are a great way of enhancing your Christmas gifts when they are used to package up other presents. Either fill them up with Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise or whatever other toys or stocking stuffers you are gifting. They can create a wonderful surprise for kids, when they realize there is more to the gift than just the backpack!

Guardians of The Galaxy 5 Piece Backpack

This large 16 inch backpack for kids has a front zip pocket as well as a mesh side pocket.

The lunch bag (9 inches x 8 inches) is insulated, and is closed with a velcro flap.

There's a utility case for pencils etc, and a cinch bag for odds and ends.

Also included is an 18 oz water bottle with a flip top lid, completing this nice 5 piece gift.

Made of 100% polyester.

Guardians Backpack & Insulated Lunch Box

This two-piece set consists of a sixteen inch backpack with a main compartment for schoolbooks, side mesh pockets for a water bottle etc and a small accessory pocket at the front with zipper closure.

Together with an insulated lunch bag.

Made of 100% polyester.

Rocket Backpack - iPad & Tablet Friendly

This is a large plush backpack based on the endearing, if not downright feisty raccoon character, Rocket.

The zippered compartment measures 9.75 inches by 8 inches high, and can accommodate an iPad 2 and case easily.

It has adjustable polyester straps with 18 inch maximum strap length, so could fit an adult as well as kids.

Suitable for age 3 and over.

Groot Toys

Rock N Roll Groot - Dancing Baby Groot

This XPV Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot toy has all the dance moves, and really shows how Groot can groove when he hears dance music.

He dances and spins in both directions, has LED lights that flash in time to the beat of the music, and he says four phrases. If he tips over he spins himself upright again.

He gets down and boogies to the built-in song 'Flashlight', or, when he's in 'Listen Mode' and placed near speakers, he'll dance to any song that's played.

When he's not dancing automatically, he can be controlled remotely using the Awesome Mix Vol 2 controller. Young kids can easily master the use of this controller, and get him to say one of the four 'I am Groot' phrases when the 'Shout out' button is triggered.


6 AA batteries are required - 4 for Baby Groot which are supplied, and 2 for the RC controller which are not supplied. Suitable for ages 4 to 7 years. This is quite the cute Groot!

Baby Groot 9 inch Plush Doll

This nine inch Baby Groot plush toy is a Disney exclusive, and is a very soft, nicely embroidered example of plush.

Baby Groot is cute as always.

Baby Groot 15 Inch Plush Toy

This bigger version of Groot in plush is a good size, and is bound to be a firm favorite with the kids. 

Rocket Racoon Toys

Rocket Raccoon Big Blastin' 10 Inch Figure

I love this little feller! And this 10 inch electronic figure of him is awesome.

He's packing a big blaster that creates a lot of sound and movement.

Press the scope on top of the blaster and select the battle sounds you want to hear and the light color. Press the button on Rocket's leg to fire - single blasts or continuous.

The blaster starts spinning when fired and it's enough to shake Rocket's head and body with the recoil. 

The sound effects include some cool phrases like: 

'It's Rocket time', 'You've gotta be kiddin' me' and 'the name's Rocket'.

It's a great toy for kids aged 4 and up. Some adult assembly is required and you will need to buy 3 AA batteries. Those included are for demonstration purposes only.

Kids'll have a blast with this Rocket figure.

Rocket Raccoon 8 Inch Plush Toy

This ultra soft Rocket Raccoon plush toy measures ten inches from ears to tail, but is deemed to be an eight inch plush toy.

He's a cute and adorable toy for any young fans of GOTG.

Marvel Guardians Rocket Raccoon 15 inch Plush

This is a well made and nice large example of Rocket plush.

It'll be a great addition to any Guardians of the Galaxy fan's costume accessories.