WowWee Untamed Raptor – Fingerlings Dinosaurs

Fingerling Untamed Raptor

Are you looking for an untamed raptor? WowWee’s Fingerling Dinos? Here they are – Scratch, Ironjaw, Ripsaw and Tracker​​​​​These bad boys are the original Fingerlings Raptors from WowWee. The Untamed T-Rex Raptors. These finger-gripping, jaw-snapping dinos will interact with their owners and hiss and roar, or calm and chill depending on how you treat them. Each […]

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A Stick Called Wand a Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

harry Potter Wizard Training Wands From Jakk's Pacific

For all Hogwarts fans, Jakks Pacific make home-wizarding come to life, with their Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand.There are three of them for the kids to collect, and they replicate those used by Harry himself, Albus Dumbledore (the elder wand) and Lord Voldemort. There are five games to play and eleven spells to learn.Two of the […]

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OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Kids Robotics - OWI Robotic Arm Edge

The Robotic Arm Edge is an affordable follow-on from the award winning Robotic Arm Trainer.  It concentrates on robotic arm technology, and is a fun project for any youngster to learn about robotics. ​The kit needs to be built with some adult supervision, I think, as some plastic parts need some trimming, and some parts do need […]

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