Miposaur Robotic Dinosaur Toy

Miposaur Robotic Dino
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Dinosaur meets robotics meets dinosaur. That's what the self-balancing MiPosaur Robotic Dinosaur Toy by WowWee is all about. Dino toys have been increasing in popularity since the release of Jurassic World, and this little feller is a great deal of fun.


A highly advanced toy robotic dinosaur with cutting-edge technology, Miposaur looks good in sleek black with glowing blue eyes. It has the moves and the sounds you would expect from such a high-tech toy.

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Kids will love this WowWee roboraptor, even those who may be getting a bit older to be playing with toys.

Kids can control their Dino toy in three ways - either with hand gestures, an App or his TrackBall.

But, the first thing you need to know is that Miposaur has three basic moods which directly affect how it'll react to any commands you give, whether by hand, with the App, or using the Trackball.

It could be curious or excited, or annoyed. You can tell the mood. A light glows at the back of its head - orange means it's excited, blue that it's curious, and red that it's annoyed. The sounds it makes reflect the mood it's in as well.


Miposaur uses GestureSense Technology which makes it possible to control your Dino buddy with hand gestures.

He'll respond to a clap or a swipe of your hand. Using ten different hand commands, you can gesture him to move from side to side, spin, sit forward, go back, and so on. These commands are:

  • Spin left or right
  • Spin clockwise
  • Spin counter-clockwise
  • Back hold
  • Front hold
  • Dual hold
  • Tail pull
  • Push forward
  • Clap x 2
  • Clap x 3

Another way to control your Miposaur is by using the App.

Miposaur App

A free App you can download to your Apple or Android device controls your Mipo another way. It has different games that provide a variety of gameplay to add to the fun. You can drive MiPosaur around, play, trace a path on the device screen for it to follow, and interact with other toys like the WowWee MiP robot.

Game Modes on the App are:

  • Drive Mode - this gives remote control of your Dino from the App.
  • Feed Mode - lets you feed Miposaur and see how its mood changes.
  • Battle Mode - prepare to battle with another Miposaur or a MiP robot.
  • Path Mode - touch screen and drag gives more remote control from your App.
  • Dance Mode - more mood reaction to food.

You control Miposaur with your smart device just as you would an RC car.

Miposaur Trackball


The Trackball is possibly the most fun way to interact with your pet Dino. To activate the Trackball, flick a switch.

The TrackBall uses BeaconSense Technology, enabling MiPosaur to track the ball in real-time, follow it around, and perform tricks.

Trackball activates six different game modes:

Game Modes on the Trackball are:

  • Food Mode - give it some tasty food treats.
  • Dance Mode - shake the Trackball to watch Miposaur's dance moves.
  • Beat Box Mode - It'll start to beatbox when it gets close to the Trackball.
  • Leash Mode - use the ball as a leash to guide the Dino around.
  • Ball Mode - Mipo will chase the ball and push it around.
  • Teddy Bear Mode - make the Trackball become Mipo's favorite new toy.

Miposaur Robotic Dinosaur at a glance...

  • It is ready to use out the box. No construction is necessary.
  • This Robotic Dino responds to hand gestures - each will cause a different reaction depending on its mood.
  • Miposaur has plenty of dinosaur sounds.
  • There are 3 basic moods - annoyed, curious, excited.
  • The 6 different games modes loaded in the Trackball are - Ball, BeatBox, Dance, Food, Leash, and Teddy Bear.
  • The App is free to download with your purchase on Android and iOS devices. The Game Modes are Drive, Feed, Battle, Path, and Dance. 
  • Miposaur will only work with devices that are Bluetooth Smart-Ready and using compatible operating systems.
  • You don't need the App to control the robot, but it does add a lot to the gameplay.
  • You will need to buy batteries. Dinosaur requires 4 x AA batteries and the TrackBall 4 x AAA.
  • A quick start guide and complete instructions is provided.
  • The recommended age range - 8 to 15 years.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 7.8 x 10 inches.

WowWee's technologies in this toy make it highly intelligent and responsive and with personality. It has plenty of moves and plenty of sounds. Robotic dinosaurs do make for good toys, and Miposaur does provide a lot of play value.

Miposaur is a cutting-edge toy development in a fun format - a Dinosaur toy that kids love because they can treat it like a pet. It has all the interactivity you could expect from a robotic toy

You should check it out!

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