LEGO Silent Mary Ghost Ship Kit

Lego Silent Mary Kit
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Silent Mary, the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Ghost Ship is a terrific addition to LEGO's range and is very well designed.

What is Silent Mary?

Once a mighty pirate hunter of the Spanish Navy, she was lost in the supernatural 'Devil's Triangle.' Now she's a rotted out, decaying ghost ship, captained by the long-dead Armando Salazar and his undead crew. They've been looking for Captain Jack Sparrow!

LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Ship

Plenty of detail in the Silent mary Kit.

While this is quite a big ship kit, it's not the largest made by Lego. It is impressive, though, measuring 18 inches in height, 26 inches in length, and 8 inches wide when assembled. When you collapse the mainmast, she's a little over 14 inches wide.

Silent Mary is a HUGE kit - 2,294 pieces plus minifigures and accessory elements - that builds into an impressive opening skeleton hulk.

You can switch the game from sailing mode to attack mode with the hinged bow section when fully assembled. The bow lifts and stays in place, and the sides fold out just like in the movie.

There's a movable rudder, and the mainmast is collapsible. Gun port covers open, and you can elevate the cannon barrels. Detail on the port and starboard sides is different as it befits a ship wrecked at sea.

The kit includes eight nicely detailed Minifigures - Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Captain Salazar, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Officer Santos, Officer Magda, Silent Mary Masthead, plus two detachable ghost sharks.

The ghost pirate minifigs are pretty cool - Captain Salazar and Officer Santos have transparent heads. Captain Salazar has a neat-looking printed outfit and is wearing black epaulets to complete his look.
The box contains sixteen bags of parts which helps to keep your construction of the kit organized. There's also a 263 page, easy-to-follow, well-laid-out instruction book with a short bio for the minifigs. 

LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Ship
LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Ship

LEGO Silent Mary Ghost Ship at a glance ...

  • 2,294 piece kit with full assembly instructions.
  • Detailed hull with masts, tattered sails, cannons .
  • Bow section rises.
  • 8 minifigures plus 2 detachable ghost sharks with opening jaws.
  • Weapons: 3 x black swords, 2 x gray swords, and a pistol.
  • Accessories: Compass, monocular, sextant, ship-in-a-bottle (the Black Pearl), two brooms, rowboat with lantern, oars, and Galileo's diary.
  • Clear supports for static display.
  • Product ref: 71042.
  • Recommended age range: 14 years and over.

Construction will be a bit challenging, but nothing any self-respecting LEGO fan can't overcome

There are hours of fun to be enjoyed by any fan of Pirates of the Caribbean with this LEGO Silent Mary kit. It is probably best used as a static display model when finished rather than used in a playable sense. But it is fantastic!

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