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Lego Ideas Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
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You can now recreate the legendary Fender Stratocaster with this Lego Ideas Fender Guitar build and display model.

Based on a 1970's model Strat, kit model number 21329 also includes a buildable Fender 65 Princeton Reverb amplifier. Both guitar and amp come with a wealth of detail.

LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster 21329 Building Kit Idea for Guitar Players and Music Lovers (1,079 Pieces)

Also included is a foldable guitar stand, an effects pedal with cable, a guitar strap, four to-scale picks, and a cable to connect the guitar to the amp.

The kit comprises 1074 pieces. You can assemble the guitar with either a red or black body. Once you've built the guitar, you can change from one color to the other, but it's not that straightforward. You will have to disassemble and partially rebuild the guitar, which takes about twenty minutes.


The body of the guitar has all the details of a real Strat. The front has a white scratchplate with printed tiles for the pickups. Bridge, whammy bar, volume and tone controls, and jack socket. The pickup selector switch is a tad oversize but looks ok.

The strap is printed and uses a similar material to the capes on Minifigures.


On the front at the top, moving left to the right, the front of the amp cabinet has two instrument inputs, six knobs that would cover volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity, and a red power light. A tile printed with Fender affixes to the cabinet front.

At the rear, you can see the power on/off switch and two more inputs, one of which is for the effects pedal input jack. The speaker unit is also visible, and some of the internal wiring.

There is plenty of detail inside the amplifier when you remove a few panels. Remove the top panel, and there is a full-length circuit board - the motherboard.

Removing the upper and lower panel around the back reveals even more detail. You can see all the large speaker unit, cabling, and vacuum tubes.

LEGO Ideas Fender Guitar - Summing Up

The body styling is not pure Stratocaster design as the kit is made from existing pieces, not custom molded parts, but it does a pretty good job overall.

You need to view the kit as a guitar and amp combo as the two main items go so well together.

The Fender Stratocaster is a legendary guitar, and this model will appeal to guitarists young and old. I have a red 2004 US-built Strat myself, and I think this LEGO guitar is excellent.

The kit is designated as an 18+ model, but I would think any younger teen who is a competent LEGO builder would manage it.

If you love LEGO and electric guitars, especially the Fender Strat, you're going love the LEGO Ideas Fender Guitar kit.

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