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LEGO Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Sets And Minifigures

These three kits are LEGO's latest homage to the Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 movie.

LEGO Guardians of The Galaxy - The Milano vs. The Abilisk

  • 460 pieces in 4 packs
  • Includes 5 minifigures
  • Baby Groot micro-fig
  • 2 instruction booklets
  • 1 comic book
  • Accessory elements
  • Model ref: 76081
  • Age ranges: 7 to 14 years

Lego Milano vs Abilisk

Smaller than their original version, this LEGO Milano starship kit has a lot of play value for the size.

Measuring 7 inches long by 14 inches wide and 3 inches high (19cm x 37cm x 8cm), Star-Lord's ship has plenty of movable parts: wing control elements on the leading and trailing edges, adjustable wing tip flaps, twin blasters, bomb droppers on both wings, and a removable canopy. 

Minifigs of Star-Lord, Gamora, Nebula and Drax are included, together with a tiny micro-figure of Baby Groot - cute!

The Abilisk monster features opening jaws and three long flexible tentacles and one short one. They're connected to a gear system so as you move the arms the whole body rotates. 

A couple of Annulax batteries are included, Groot's boombox speakers, and Nebula's handcuffs. Four figures can be fitted into the cockpit, and figures can be attached to the Abilisk's tentacles.

There's plenty of action to be enjoyed with the LEGO Milano vs Abilisk Kit.

LEGO Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Ayesha's Revenge

  • 323 pieces
  • Includes 3 mini-figures
  • Baby Groot micro-figure
  • 2 instruction booklets
  • Model Ref: 76080
  • Age ranges: 7 to 14 years

LEGO Ayesha's Revenge

LEGO's Ayesha's Revenge kit contains some interesting pieces to make for creative play, and is a good buy for kids as well as adult LEGO enthusiasts.

There's Yondu's Laser Driller space craft , which has a spring-loaded missile, sliding mini-figure cockpit and opening side panels; Ayesha's Golden Drone has a pair of stud shooters and adjustable arms; and there's a buildable cliff section that has an explode function.

Minifigs of Star-Lord, Ayesha and Yondu are included as well as a Baby Groot micro-figure that's a different version to that in the Milano kit.

LEGO Guardians of The Galaxy Ravager Attack

  • 197 pieces
  • Includes 3 minifigs
  • M-ship canopy opens
  • Instructions
  • Model ref: 76079
  • Age ranges: 6 to 12 years

LEGO Guardians of The Galaxy Ravager Attack

The main craft in this kit is the M-ship. It's small and of simple construction but looks pretty neat. It features four stud shooters and a hinged cockpit canopy that takes a mini-figure.

The other build item is a bit of terrain including a tree, a six stud shooter, and what looks like a part of the Milano!

The figures are of Mantis, Rocket and Taserface. Rocket has two weapons and Taserface just the one.