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Join the Minion Mania

Of all the Despicable Me characters, the most memorable ones are….. you guessed it - the Minions!

These small, yellow, simple-minded, one or two-eyed creatures seem to cause mayhem for themselves and others wherever they go. Yet they are fiercely loyal to their master, the supervillain Felonius Gru, who appreciates all their hard work and support, and to Doctor Nefario.

There seem to be several hundred minions, always dressed in blue and with similar goggle-styled glasses. Each one has special distinguishing characteristics. They're mad, wacky funsters!

Minions Plush Toys

Despicable Me Minions Huggable Plush - Kevin

Minion Kevin - Huggable Plush

What a cute little ‘feller’.

This big, soft and cuddly plush toy stands about 8/10 inches high, and comes complete with iconic soft plastic goggles.

Just what the kids like.

One-Eyed Talking Stuart - Jumbo Plush

This 16 inch tall minion plush toy is made for three year olds and higher. The soft material is of high quality - soft yet durable - and the goggles are sturdily made. I

When you press his left hand he’ll talk and his eye will glow or flicker when he makes conversation or sings.

A wacky funster​!

Despicable Me Jumbo Stuart Plush 16 Inches Tall
Despicable Me Minions Huggable Plush - Bob

Minions Huggable Plush - Bob

Another adorable minion plush toy. Short, balding Bob has one brown eye and one green.

He usually carries around a teddy bear called Tim (not included.

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Interactive Minion Toys

These toys seem to keep children entertained and occupied a lot of the time, according to customer reviews. They are cute and ​adorable and will dance their socks off! 

They are also well made.​

Minions Rock & Roll Stuart

Stuart plays the guitar. His right arm moves up and down and he interacts with Bob and Kevin (if bought separately).

​He works either in interactive mode or standalone and will sing.  He responds when spoken to - his voice is the same as in the movie and he looks real funny when he bounces sideways.

Minions Movie Rock N Roll Stuart - Rock out with this Interactive Minion! Stuart's a real Rock & Roll Star!
Despicable Me Minions Bob with Teddy Bear

Minions Bob with Teddy Bear

On his own Bob interacts with his teddy bear Tim. When Kevin and/or Stuart are around, he'll interact with them as well.

He can move his head sideways, forward and back, and his arms are articulated. and putting Tim his teddy bear near his tummy or taking it away will cause  different reactions.

Minion Kevin - with Banana

Kevin likes bananas. Press his pocket after feeding and he'll make funny sounds.

Move his head from side to side, forward and back to get a reaction. He can open or close his eyes and look either side when you move his head.

H​e has 35 sayings and sound effects that your kids will love.

Minion Kevin Banana Eating Action Figure

Minions Novelties

Roommates Rmk2081Gm Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals

Minions Wall Decals

Eleven wall decals are supplied which easily assemble into a 12 inch by 48.5 inch  wall decoration suitable for smooth surfaces.

Just right for adding some fun images to kids playrooms.The decals can be re-positioned without leaving any sticky residue.

Despicable Me MINIONS - Minion GOGGLES

Minions Goggles

For that authentic Minions look.

Minions Movie Mystery Minis Mini-Figure Display Box

Minions Movie Mini Figures Box

A selection of 12 Minions mini-figures - randomly packed in blind packaging, so each selection box is different.

The figures are about 2.5 inches tall​

A great idea as a single gift to one lucky child, or to put on the Christmas tree or use as stocking fillers for many.