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Kids Will Love This Walking Roaring Dinosaur Toy – The IMAGINEXT DINOSAUR PLAYSET

Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice

The Imaginext Dinosaur Playset is more than just an awesome motorized dinosaur toy. It's more a T-Rex fighting siege machine operated by three caveman figures.

It can walk, roar, shoot spears and snow boulders and fire off it's claws. It has lights and sounds and plenty of detail features that add to its play value. There are so many adventures that kids can play out with this cool dinosaur toy.

And this dino is tall – 30 inches. That's not much different from the height of some of the kids playing with it! And it’s bright blue to resemble ice.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

What's in the Imaginext Dinosaur Playset?

When you open the box you'll realize that some assembly is needed. This is best done by an adult, or at least with adult supervision. It's not difficult and is covered by the instructions, but you do need to ensure the legs are accurately fitted so they function properly.

You will also need to have four AA batteries to power the beast.​

In common with other Imaginext toys, T-Rex Ice is controlled by Power Pads. Three of them; they're colored red. You turn them to activate different features that make the dino come to life.

Turn the power pad behind his head to make his jaws open and close, or make it fire spears. It'll make some cool sound effects as well.

In the box...

  • Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino
  • 3 Caveman figures.
  • 1 x mask for a caveman.
  • 4 x Spears.
  • 4 x Ice boulder bombs.
  • 3 x hand weapons.
  • 1 x Pterodactyl glider.

The one by his left hip makes T-Rex Ice stand to his full height of 30 inches. It also activates the red LED lights in his eyes and spikes.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex
Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

The power pad at the rear below his tail makes him walk, with a big stomping action.

There’s plenty of hands-on interactive play with this Imaginext Dinosaur Playset. Three cavemen figures are provided which are nicely detailed. Each one has quite a distinctive appearance.Their arms move and the legs bend so they can be seated in the driving chair inside the dinosaur’s mouth.

They can also be located on any of the power pads. These have molded depressions in them so the figures don’t easily fall off.

At the base of the toy is a stockade into which the cavemen can put their prisoners. There's a ladder behind it for the cavemen to clamber higher up the dino. There's also a scary head-dress which can be fitted on one of them.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex
Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

Also supplied for the cavemen is a pterodactyl glider, and some hand weapons. All of these clip on to the figures hands.The pterodactyl clips in place on a platform below the T-Rex mouth, so when it’s not in play it won’t get lost. A nice touch.

There’s plenty of action too when the kids get stuck into their prehistoric adventures. T-Rex can fire ice boulders from positions on his chest and his back.

Spears can be fired from inside the T-Rex jaws. When the spears are not loaded they can be clipped into a rack beneath the front ice boulder launchers, so they don't get lost.

Those huge claws in his hands can also be fired, making this one big, mean fighting dinosaur machine.​

Imaginext Dinosaur Playset at a glance...

  • 30 inches tall motorized T-Rex, with lights and sound effects.
  • What's in the box: T-Rex plus 16 accessories - 3 cavemen, a mask, 4 spears, 3 weapons, 4 Ice boulder bombs and a Pterodactyl glider.
  • Recommended age range: 3 to 8 years.
  • 4 x AA batteries required - not included.
  • On/Off switch at base of toy.
  • Some initial assembly required - best done by an adult.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 16 inches.
  • Full assembly instructions included.

This must be one of the coolest dinosaur toys for firing up children’s imaginations to create some epic prehistoric adventures.

It’s not just a toy dinosaur, it’s a full working playset. It’s big enough for more than one child to play with it at the same time - and that can help prevent arguements!. It's the sort of toy that can be used in conjunction other toys your kids might have to create some truly remarkable interactive gameplay.

It’s big, motorized, has sounds and lights. It’s worth the money and is highly recommended.

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There's an alternative Imaginext dinosaur T-Rex to the Ultra Ice version, so you may wish to check out which you prefer. It's shown below. It's not an ice dino so it's not blue.