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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car

The Street Hawk is an innovative remote control toy from Hot Wheels that is both a car and a plane.

​Speed it around on the ground, then soar it into the air!

​This is a fun toy designed for kids eight years and over, that could easily be bought by adults to add to their collections.

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car

It flies up to 200 feet and has 360 degree proportional steering on the ground. It is equipped with dual 8mm motors that give it sufficient power to transform from a road car to the air and back, and control comes from a 2.4 Ghz transmitter.

​It is lightweight and durable, and can perform aerial maneuvers smoothly and flawlessly.

​Battery power in the plane is rechargeable with the unit provided, but the transmitter unit needs ordinary batteries.

​Propellers can break with repeated hard landings so spares are included.

​This will provide so much fun. It’s like owning two toys in one and is well worth buying. You can use it indoors just as a car, but it comes into its own when out in the open and being used to its full potential.

Hot Wheels is a Mattel brand so you know you are buying high quality with the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.