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Top Toy & Gift Guides 2022

Activity Tables

A kids activity table gives a child space, anywhere in the home, for playing with building bricks, reading, drawing, puzzles, artwork, dolls house & track building fun, and a lot more. It is somewhere they can relax, have fun and learn.

Toy Kitchens

The best play kitchen for kids provides a place for children to play solo or in a group and let their imagination run wild. They can imitate real life and prepare meals just like mom and dad. Play kitchens are made from wood or plastic and in many styles - lots of play value with these playsets.

Electronic Pets

Electronic pets for kids are a practical alternative to the real thing. No mess, no smells, no routine cleaning. These toys are a lot of fun, and kids can learn a lot from them and show how much they love them.

Cool Robot Toys for Kids

There are some cool robot toys around. Kids can build robots; they can code some of them or play with an already assembled unit. This guide is about ready-built robotic toys they can code and control themselves.

Robotic toys for kids to build

Top Robotic Toys to Build

Some children get as much enjoyment from building something as from playing with it. This guide shows some of the best robot kits that they can construct from a kit.

Marble run toys

Best Marble Run Toys for Kids

There is so much fun for kids to have when they build and play with marble runs. Some sets build wide; some build high. Others use trampolines instead of rails. A few are in spheres. Check them out!

Remote control boats for kids

Remote Control Boats for Kids

Ready-to-Run (RTR) electric-powered and radio-controlled model boats are great fun. They provide lots of fun on the water without the attrition rate of spare parts that can accompany airborne and track RC vehicles.

Non-toy gift ideas

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Non-toy gifts can make great presents for kids both as a main present or as secondary gifts. Let this guide give you some tremendous non-toy gift ideas. They cover many areas you might not otherwise consider when buying gifts for kids.

Trending Toys

Trending Toys 2022

The Hottest, Coolest, Trending, and Most Wanted Toys this Christmas - a combination of trade and media toy sales predictions for the current holiday season. 

Best Beginner Electric Guitar for Kids and Teens 2022

If your child is bugging you for an electric guitar as a main present and you are uncertain whether this is a good idea, read on.

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