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Fingertip Fun with Fingerlings

Kids love these. They're super cute and make great stocking stuffers. For kids who like to collect toys, they're a good range to start collecting too.

The initial baby monkey Fingerlings toys from WowWee were massively popular back in 2017 and went viral. They kept running out of stock. That popularity continues today but with a wider product range.

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WowWee Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey - Bella (Pink with Yellow Hair)

What are Fingerlings?

They're cute miniature baby animals that cling to a kids finger, and can be taken anywhere. They're interactive, have their own personalities and react to sound, movement and touch to become adorable little electronic pets.

A lot of robotic technology has gone into creating these small toys. Mini robots are what they are. They have sensors and a microphone that enable them to respond to your actions in specific ways. 40 different sounds and animations will result from the the way you touch them, how you move them, and the sounds you make when playing with your own baby creature.

How to Play with them

You will easily learn how to play with your Finerling by experimenting with different movements.

Pet them - Show your Fingerling some TLC. Stroke their head and see how they respond. Their eyes blink, they make cooing sounds.

Tap their head - there are sensors on either side of their heads. Tap either side, once or twice to see what responses you trigger.

Let them hang upside down - They have a nice curly tail that lets them easily hang upside down on almost anything. They find upside down very amusing!

Make them toot! - Yup! Gross though that is, Fingerlings are not averse to bodily functions. When you cup your hand over your baby creature, it will emit a response. It'll be a different sound when you do it inverted too.

Grip them - Let your fingerling grip your finger or anything it feels safe with.

Blow a kiss  - when you do this to your fingerling baby, it will make mushy sounds back. It might sneeze as well.

Make them talk - Fingerlings have a lot say. Over 40 different sounds in fact. And they'll be different depending on being held upright, upside down or lying down.

Let them fall asleep - when you rock your baby to sleep, watch their eyes close; listen to their cute sleepy sounds.

Baby Creatures In The Fingerlings Crew

Baby Monkeys

Wowwee Exclusive KiKi Glitter PURPLE Fingerling

The fingerling monkeys set the crew up, and most of the monkeying around now will be done by the set of Glitter babies. Fingerling monkeys with bright glittery color schemes.

Baby Pandas

WowWee Fingerlings Glitter Panda - Polly - Interactive Collectible Baby Pet, Pink

These cute playful fingerling pandas are the gentle and sparkly members of the Fingerling Crew.

Baby Unicorn

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Unicorn - Gigi (White with Rainbow Mane and Tail) - Interactive Baby Pet

Rainbow chasing baby unicorns have the same touch, motion and sounds technology of their fingerling compatriots. Magical!

Baby Dragons

WowWee Fingerlings - Pink and Black Glitter Dragon - Lexi (Amazon Exclusive) - Interactive Baby Collectible Pet

The baby dragons range from being fiercely loyal like Noa (Kaylin is fiery too!), to being hot-headed like Sandy and hot-tempered like Lexi. They are brightly colored with accents and glitter, and with a furry top tuft.

Baby Sloth

Fingerlings Baby Sloth - Kingsley (Brown) -  Interactive Baby Pet - by WowWee

Cute and adorable, the baby sloths respond in typically slower fashion than their Fingerling cousins. Their software makes their heads move slower just like a real sloth, and their sound effects are slower too.

Untamed Raptors

Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Stealth (Green) - Interactive Collectible Dinosaur - By WowWee

If you prefer something more fierce and dangerous, go read about these WowWee Untamed Raptor baby dinos.

WowWee Fingerlings Playsets

WowWee have created a series of playground playsets for Fingerlings. Three are shown below. They include a playset, and a baby monkey or two, which are only available with the playset.

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE!! Fingerlings – Jungle Gym Playset + Interactive Baby Monkey Aimee (Coral Pink with Blue Hair)

Jungle Gym Playset with Baby Monkey Aimee

WowWee Fingerlings Playset - Monkey Bar Playground + Liv The Baby Monkey (Blue with Pink Hair)

Monkey Bar Playground with Baby Monkey Liv

WowWee Fingerlings Playset: Twirl-A-Whirl Carousel with 1 Fingerlings Baby Monkey - Abigail (Light Blue with Pink Glitter)

Twirl-a-Whirl Carousel with Baby Monkey Abigail

Fingerlings Minis

FingerLings Minis Blind Bag Series - 3 Pack of Blind Bags

Fingerling Minis Blind Bags

WowWee Fingerlings Minis-Series 1-5 Piece Banana Blister 3 Figures Plus Bonus Bracelet and Charm

Fingerling Minis Blister Packs

Minis are collectible pencil toppers. They're not interactive, just mini versions of the series 1 characters. They're rated as being either popular, rare, legendary or ultra rare and with 36 different styles, they are a great collectible.

They come in either a Blind Bag or a blister pack which contains either a monkey, unicorn or sloth. Each includes a Mini, plus a mix-and-match bracelet and tail charm.

Great gifts and stocking stuffers. They even look good hanging upside down on your Christmas tree.

Fingerlings Hugs

Interactive Boris (Blue) and Bella (Pink)- Advanced Plush Baby Monkey Pets - Sold as a Set - Hot Toy 2018

Boris and Bella Plush Interactive Pet Monkeys

These won't fit on a fingertip, but Fingerlings Hugs are soft and affectionate, interactive, plush monkey pets. Their long arms can give a big hug

You can tickle them, and swing them round your head. You can throw them in the air,  and shake them to make them fart - really!!! You can hang them upside down or just rock them to sleep. And they are always ready for hugs. Lots of them.

Fingerlings Names & Colors

The original fingerlings crew of Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie and Zoe are still available, but to use WowWee's words, they 'will be taking some well-deserved time off in search of exciting adventures'. Chances are they'll be making an interesting return at a later stage! Until then it's the new Glitter Girls taking center-stage for baby monkeys.

Here are all the Fingerlings names that we know of at present. It's reasonable to assume that there'll be more baby creatures joining the Fingerlings Family in the future.

Baby Monkey Fingerlings

  • Bella - Pink with yellow hair
  • Boris - Blue with orange hair
  • Finn - Black with blue hair
  • Mia - Purple with white hair
  • Sophie - White with pink hair
  • Zoe - Turquoise with purple hair

Glitter Monkeys

  • Amelia - Turquoise blue glitter
  • Kiki - Purple glitter
  • Liberty - Red, white, blue glitter
  • Quincy - Teal glitter
  • Rose - Pink glitter
  • Sugar - White glitter

2Tone Monkey Fingerlings

  • Candi - Pink with blue accents
  • Charlie - Blue with green accents
  • Eddie - Seafoam green with blue
  • Summer - Pink with orange
  • Sydney -  Purple with pink

Glitter Pandas

  • Archie - Blue glitter
  • Drew - Black & white glitter
  • Polly - Pink glitter

Baby Sloth

  • Kingsley - Brown
  • Marge - Purple

Glitter Dragons

  • Kaylin - Purple with pink
  • Lexi - Pink with black
  • Noa - Green with blue
  • Sandy - Pink with blue
  • Tara - Blue with purple

Baby Unicorns

  • Alika - Purple
  • Gemma - Pink
  • Gigi - White

Baby Monkeys Included with Playsets

  • Aimee - Coral pink with blue hair (Jungle Gym Playset)
  • Liv - Blue with pink hair (Monkey Bar Playground)
  • Milly - Purple with blue hair (See-Saw Playset, also includes Willy)
  • Simona - Bubblegum pink (Monkey Bar Swing Playground, also includes Liv )
  • Willy - Blue with purple hair (See-Saw Playset, also includes Milly)

Untamed Raptors Baby T-Rex

  • Ironjaw - Blue with white
  • Ripsaw - Red with yellow 
  • Scratch - Orange with blue
  • Tracker - Green with grey
  • Frostbite - Dark blue with grey
  • Ghost - Grey with white
  • Hazard - Green two tone
  • Mutant - Red with blue
  • Breakout - Red with grey (Only available with jailbreak Playset)
  • Bolt - Grey with green (Only available with jailbreak Playset)
  • Razor - Purple with green
  • Blaze - Orange with grey & yellow
  • Fury - Turquoise blue with orange
  • Stealth - Green with brown

Fingerlings were a sensation when launched in 2017 and continue to be massively popular today. Watch out for them this 2019 Holiday Season.

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