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Elsa Frozen Castle Playset – Disney Little Kingdom

This Elsa Frozen Castle Playset, based on the successful Disney movie 'Frozen', is a delightful toy that will be loved by all little girls enthralled by the Elsa character. 

It consists of a two level structure which has a fold-out feature at each end - throne room to the left, and curved frozen staircase to the right. Between these are the lower day room and upstairs Elsa's sleeping chamber.

A sticker sheet is provided to decorate the castle and add in some nice snowflake and other detail.

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Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle

The playset comes with an Elsa figure in her classic blue dress, plus some changes of clothes and some snap-ins. There is also a cardboard 'stand-up' of Marshmallow which can be used to play with.

There is some nice detail in Elsa's bed chamber. At one side the bed can rotate out of view leaving a flat floor. (see image to the left).  On the other side there's a closet fixed to the wall.

The closet door can be opened, and there are holes in it at the back to fit the snap-ins and store them when they're not in use. 

The wall section keeping the closet in place can also be rotated so the closet folds out of view, leaving a glittery panel flush with the wall. And there’s a snowflake decorated window opening.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle
Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle

Downstairs, decorative wall panels in the main room can rotate if wanted. They have a distinctive frosty look about them on the outside, and on the inside they are decorated with the stickers.

There’s a nice feature in the throne room - when you press on the throne cushion the ice behind the throne pops up.

You can also bend the Elsa figure so she can sit on the throne.

The whole castle has a glittery frozen look to it adding to the authenticity of the playset.

Elsa Frozen Castle at a glance...

  • Playset includes 2.5 inch Elsa figure,  2 each of bodices, capes, peplums and skirts, and 4 snap-ins.
  • Includes sticker sheets to decorate the castle.
  • Recommended ages: 4 and upward.
  • Some assembly is required.
  • Throne Room and Staircase features at either end, fold in for easy storage.

Whilst this is a nice toy, colorful and well laid out, kids could become bored with it fairly quickly if they are not big fans of Frozen. This is not an interactive toy, and apart from changing Elsa's outfits and moving the figure around the castle, there's not much going on.

The Elsa Frozen Castle is an attractive little toy, is reasonably priced and will undoubtedly appeal to  ardent fans of the Disney movie. Used in conjunction with other Frozen toys - more characters perhaps - it I feel it could extend young kids imaginations further and create a lot more play value.

Characters to add more play value to the Elsa Frozen Castle.