Miposaur Robotic Dino

Miposaur Robotic Dinosaur Toy

Dinosaur meets robotics meets dinosaur. That’s what the self-balancing MiPosaur Robotic Dinosaur Toy by WowWee is all about. Dino toys have been increasing in popularity since the release of Jurassic World, and this little feller is a great deal of fun. A highly advanced toy robotic dinosaur with cutting-edge technology, Miposaur looks good in sleek …

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Zoomer Dino toy

Zoomer Dino

Zoomer didn’t just create a family of interactive puppies, they have Dinosaurs, and Boomer is a member of the Zoomer Dino family. Zoomer Dino Pet DinosaurZoomer Dino Pet DinosaurBoomer gets angry – just like a real dinosaur – especially if you pull his tail. He can spin himself around, roar, and chomp his enormous teeth. But …

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LEGO Jurassic World Playsets

LEGO Jurassic World Playsets

Kids can find all the fun of Jurassic World with LEGO. The Jurassic World sets each have specific settings so you can recreate your favorite Dinosaur adventures. Playing with Lego is known to be effective in developing the motor skills of children as well as firing their imaginations and creativity. These sets enable kids to build …

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Thames & Kosmos Tumbling Hedgehog

Tumbling Hedgehog Robot Toy

Kids interested in robotics, engineering, and mechanics will get a lot of enjoyment with My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog from Thames and Kosmos. It’s a sound-activated hedgehog robot toy in kit form. Kids control their robotic hedgehog’s movements with different types of clapping. It will react by putting on a show of tumbles, rolls, and …

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Geckobot the Wall Climbing Robot Lizard Engineering Kit

Geckobot is more than just a wall climbing toy. It’s an educational, robotic building toy. Made by Thames & Kosmos – well known for their educational toy ranges – Geckobot is an award-winning engineering kit. Kids can build this robot Gecko using easy-fitting construction pieces that snap together to create a wall-climbing robot lizard that’ll walk …

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Code-a-pillar from Fisher-Price

Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar – A Great Learning Toy from Fisher-Price

Code-a-pillar from Fisher-Price is an imaginative learning toy designed to help little learners become big thinkers in their Think and Play range.Code-a-pillar is a cute character that uses light, sound, and actions to help develop problem-solving and coding skills. How does Code-a-pillar work?Code-a-pillar consists of nine separate mini-wheeled pieces that click together. A motorized head segment …

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