Boomtrix Xtreme Trampoline Airborne Marble Runs

Boomtrix trampoline marble runs
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What is Boomtrix?

Boomtrix Xtreme Trampoline from Goliath Games is similar to other marble runs except for one thing. It has no tracks or rails, or tubes to guide the ball from start to finish.

Instead, you have to configure a series of mini-trampolines so a metal ball can drop from a launch tower to the first trampoline, then bounce to the next, and so on until it finally settles at the end goal.

In this article we'll be looking at the following Boomtrix Kits:

Marble runs are great STEM toys, and the way Boomtrix plays out encourages kids to expand their thinking. Kids will need to consider factors such as trajectories, height, acceleration, momentum, angles, drop, drift, and range etc. to set up their airborne marble run.

BoomTrix Multiball Xtreme Trampoline Action for Kids Aged 8+

Bounce along the trampolines, clear the stunt walls, pass through the hoop and reach your flapping goal!

Kids will find this is a trial and error process initially, and this is where they will generate a lot of their fun.

The trampolines can be positioned flat or angled with the use of trampoline curves which fix to the bottom of a trampoline. Kids need to adjust the trampolines to change the direction of the balls.

They can design obstacles into their layouts and arrange hoops for the balls to pass through.

BoomTrix Multi-Colourball, Xtreme Trampoline Action for Kids Aged 8+, Multi-Colour

It can be helpful to have several pairs of hands to set up the original course.

If your child rises to the challenge of the starter set - Kinetic Launch - they can enhance their gameplay by combining with other Xtreme sets such as Boomtrix Multiball,  Showdown and Multi Challenge, or an add-on Stunt Pack.

Boomtrix Kinetic Launch

Goliath Boomtrix Kinetic Launch Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM
Goliath Boomtrix Kinetic Launch Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

The Kinetic Launch is a good place to start. It has a four trampoline setup which is a good number with which to learn and includes:

  • 1 x Drop Tower
  • 5 x Metal Balls
  • 4 x Trampolines
  • 2 x Trampoline Curves
  • 1 x Stunt Ring
  • 1 x Goal
  • Instructions

Boomtrix Multiball

boomtrix xtreme trampoline - multiball
Goliath Boomtrix Multiball Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

This set includes a launcher that can release up to fifteen balls at once. Better make sure your trampolines are well set before that many balls bounce along the course at the same time! Set includes:

  • Launcher
  • 8 Metal Balls
  • 5 Trampolines
  • 3 Trampoline Curves
  • 3 Stunt Walls
  • 1 Stunt Ring
  • 1 Flapping goal
  • Instructions

Boomtrix Showdown

boomtrix xtreme trampoline
Goliath Boomtrix Showdown Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

This is the penultimate Boomtrix set and features a Giant Ramp Tower that can release up to fifteen balls at once. Set includes:

  • Giant Ramp Tower
  • 12 Metal Balls
  • 6 Trampolines
  • 4 Trampoline Curves
  • 1 Booster
  • 1 Stunt Ring
  • 1 Firework Goal
  • Instructions

Boomtrix Double Challenge

Coming November 17th - Order Now!

BoomTrix Dual Challenge

This new release from Goliath features twin action courses. Two Xtreme trampoline runs are set up side by side for two players. You can race to get to the finish first or see who can take the longest to reach the end. You could even set up a zig-zag course! Here's where the imagination comes in. Set includes:

  • 1 x Double Launch Tower
  • 8 x trampolines
  • 2 x goal finishes
  • 5 x Orange Balls
  • 5 x Blue Balls
  • Instructions

Boomtrix Stunt Kit Add-on

Goliath Boomtrix Stunt Pack Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

Boomtrix Stunt Pack

Goliath Boomtrix Stunt Pack Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

The Stunt Ring, Stunt Button and Stunt Trampoline.

A stunt ring, button and trampoline that can be used with any other Boomtrix Xtreme Trampoline set.

Boomtrix vs Gravitrax

Ravensburger GraviTrax PRO Vertical Starter Set - Marble Run and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up - 2019 Toy of The Year Finalist GraviTrax

A Gravitrax marble run layout using the Vertical Starter Set.

The comparison between Boomtrix and Gravitrax often crops up. They are entirely different types of marble run, and a direct comparison is not that straightforward. They have their Pros and Cons.

  • You build Gravitrax on a base with all the components slotted into position. You can construct the base on a baseboard and keep it in place, making it more compact. In contrast, Boomtrix parts are free-standing, which means you have to rebuild a course each time or make minor adjustments. Boomtrix courses can use more space as there is no track to restrain the balls, which means you need to position a trampoline where the ball will land.
  • Gravitrax has many expansion packs which can help build into an extensive set. Boomtrix has a limited number of stunt options.
  • Boomtrix requires more trial and error to create a successful course but is much quicker at getting to the point where kids can start running the balls. The trampoline positions and the angles you set them at can take a while to get right - not a problem, and it's part of the intrigue of Boomtrix.
  • Gravitrax requires more building before the marble run can start.
  • Boomtrix can be quicker to build and to tidy away.

Boomtrix Tips

  1. For your first layout, please stick to the manufacturer's instructions, and keep it simple. Set up your trampolines in a straight line on the same level until you get used to how the balls bounce off a trampoline in different ways.
  2. For your early attempts at a successful layout, it is best to have several players helping as you adjust trampoline positions and angles. The balls may shoot all over the place until you get the gist of it, and you will appreciate spare hands to retrieve the balls.
  3. The ball's impact on a trampoline can cause the trampolines to move slightly out of alignment and mess your layout for the next run. Try putting some modeling clay/plasticine underneath the trampoline to weigh it down and minimize moving out of position.

Final Thoughts

Boomtrix Xtreme Trampoline is an entertaining STEM toy, and a different spin on the usual marble run sets. Kids who have become overly familiar with a conventional marble run's fixed layout may find this an exciting challenge.

While it may not have as many different features, it can operate over a bigger area and at more pronounced speeds, which will appeal to kids.

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