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Best Theme Park Toys For Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers may be too small to go on many of the real theme park rides, but they can enjoy the fun and atmosphere with these theme park toys. They are colorful, have moving parts, and will provide little ones with hours of fun.

LEGO Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster

LEGO | Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster 10771 Building Kit, New 2019 (98 Pieces)

LEGO's simple to build Toy Story roller coaster set is an attractive step up from Duplo. The 98 piece kit makes a basic purple-colored coaster track and an entrance archway with flags and spinning turnstile.

The ride has three cars that can accommodate normal sized mini-figures. A nice touch! There's a small, fast food cart with a fair amount of detail on it and a couple of mini-figures - Buzz Lightyear and Alien.

This colorful Toy Story carnival ride set would make a fun Christmas present for imaginative youngsters.

Suitable for children 4 years and up.

Kids First Amusement Park Engineer Kit

Kids First Amusement Park Engineer Kit

This 97 piece engineering kit from Thames & Kosmos is for pre-schoolers. Small hands will find the chunky, colorful components easy to handle when assembling any of the 20 park ride models possible with this kit.

An illustrated 32-page storybook guides the kids through different model-building projects, teaching STEM skills as they play. Some parental help is useful until they get familiar with the pieces. Then they'll be off building the models shown, as well as making creations of their own! All the parts can be kept in the plastic storage case supplied.

For ages 3 to 6 years.

Playmobil Ferris Wheel

PLAYMOBIL® Ferris Wheel with Lights Set

This easy to assemble Ferris wheel from Playmobil replicates the fun atmosphere of an amusement park. Parental help is needed to put the ride together and to locate the stickers correctly. Then it's time to have a lot of fun.

This colorful park ride has a ticket office with tickets, a sales register and a computer. A couple of adult and child figures are ready to climb aboard as soon as you check them for the ride's height requirements.

You crank the wheel into action using the handle on the side and get the seven gondolas rotating. Flashing lights on the Ferris Wheel complete the fun. You need to buy 4 AAA batteries to power the lights.

There's plenty of good play value with this set.

Age range: 4 to 10 years.

Toy Story Mini Terrorantulus Playset

Disney Pixar Toy Story Terrorantulus Playset

This cute Terrorantulus ride, influenced by Disney's Toy Story 4 movie, rotates and the tentacles rise and fall as they turn. Kids can rotate the sphere at the top of the toy to do this. It's a decent size for small hands to grip comfortably.

The Playset includes just a mini Buzz Lightyear figure, but if the kids want more, they can buy a pack of ten mini-figures.

Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

LEGO Duplo Town Big Fair Set

LEGO Duplo Town Big Fair 10840 Role Play and Learning Building Blocks Set for Toddlers Including a Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and Amusement Park (106 pieces) (Amazon Exclusive)

Preschoolers enjoy all the fun of the fair with the Duplo Town Big Fair Set. Lots of shapes and colors make the Carousel, Ferris wheel, Double slide, and Carnival Train and carriage a fun pretend day out. There's an ice cream kiosk with seating, juice dispenser, and cash register — even a public toilet.

A family of five minifigs - two adults and three kids - complete the 106-piece set. Toddlers can use their imagination while developing motor skills and learn while having fun.

Duplo Town Big Fair is for ages 2 to 5 years.

Liberty Imports Ferris Wheel

Liberty Imports Ferris Wheel Spinning Electronic Rotating Merry Go Round Amusement Park Kids Toy with Music and Lights

This cute and colorful motorized Ferris Wheel toy for pre-schoolers has music and sound to add to the fun. The wheel is sound activated, so clap your hands or make a noise and the ride starts to move. Four different tunes play as it rotates, and built-in lights flash.

The wheel seat buckets - there are ten of them - are too small to carry most mini-figures as the seat support bars are in the way. You could load them with candy though!

You can't run the wheel without the sound on, so if it gets a bit much, you'll need to tape over part of the speaker to mute it.

No assembly is required, and it is ready to use out-the-box. You will need to buy batteries, however - 3 AA-size cells.

This Ferris Wheel is a fun toy and would make an attractive gift for three-year-olds and up.

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