Best Richard Scarry Books

Best Ricahard Scarry Books - Huckle Cat Lowly Worm et al
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My kids loved the Richard Scarry books when they were little, especially the Lowly worm and Huckle cat books. They loved them all.

The illustration-packed pages made the books so much fun to read, and as a parent sharing time with my children, they were enjoyable too - a lot of fun.

Richard Scarry characters were animals dressed as humans, doing all the everyday jobs that people do. His books taught my girls many things about the life going on around them, how to interact with other people, good manners, and so on, all while enjoying themselves.

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Everyone has to learn to read, to write, to know the alphabet, to count, to learn good manners, and many other things. In trying to teach these things I like to use animals dressed as humans; it is more fun!”

Richard Scarry

One particular aspect of our Huckle cat and Lowly worm book sessions was to see how many mice illustrations we could find on a page. Or meeces as we called them.

The illustrations were so detailed. We could be looking at a castle in Denmark or a fully laden ferry boat or someone’s home, and the side would be a cutaway illustration so you could see everything going on inside. Magical!

Many of the book’s were written in the nineteen sixties and seventies but the look and feel of the stories are timeless. For little kids, they are a joy to share with. Some of the expressions used back then might be considered ‘out of touch or not PC ’ by some people today, but overall the books are intended to teach young children positive things in life through beautiful illustrations.

We kept the books after our kids grew older and gave them away over the years to other people when they had young kids.

You can still get them today.

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
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Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? (Richard Scarry's Busy World)
Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World

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