Best Kids Toy Roller Coaster Sets

Kids Toy Roller Coaster Sets
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Kids' toy roller coaster sets are STEM toys that can help unleash a child's imagination.

When kids build and play with a working model roller coaster, they will learn basic engineering, stimulate problem-solving and spatial reasoning. Their motor skills and hand-eye coordination develop. Roller coaster sets are similar to marble run toys in this respect. Kids will learn while having a lot of fun.

LEGO Roller Coaster Track Systems

LEGO's roller coaster track systems are based around their established building blocks together with model-specific parts. They create the mood and atmosphere of a day at an amusement park - with minifigures and entertainment facilities - and the thrill of the roller coaster ride itself.

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster Kit

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 Building Kit (4124 Pieces)

This LEGO Creator Expert Kit is big! It's a fully functioning two-train roller coaster set providing all the speed, excitement, and thrills of the real thing.

It has plenty of authentic detail too. Like a ticket booth, height marker, a boarding station with working barriers, lap bars to secure riders in the cars, a cotton candy cart, and a smoothie stand.

The hand-cranked chain-lift takes cars to the top of the roller coaster. Then gravity takes over. You can electrify the chain-lift, but you need to buy the LEGO Power Functions motor and Power Functions battery pack separately.

Kids will have a lot of fun assembling and operating this kit. It's definitely for older kids or with adult supervision.

  • 4124 pieces
  • 11 x Minifigures: 5 x riders, cotton candy vendor, 2 x grandparents and child, 2 x ride attendants 
  • Dimensions: Height 20 inches x Width 34 inches x Depth16 inches
  • Model no: 10261

Recommended Ages: 16 years and up.

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Roller Coaster Set

LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster 31084

The working LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster has a pirate theme and can be built and rebuilt as either the roller coaster, the Ship Ride, or Skull Ride.

There are plenty of features from the buccaneers' free-booting era - a sunken galleon, an octopus, shark cars running on the rails, cannon, cutlass, a skeleton, and a skull archway.

A ticket booth and mini-figures complete the amusement park setting of this pirate-themed roller coaster building set.

LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster 31084

You can also build The Ship Ride

LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster 31084
  • 923 pieces
  • 4 x Minifigures plus a skeleton figure
  • Fully compatible with other LEGO sets and bricks
  • Model no: 31084

Recommended ages: 9 to 13 years.

Lego Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster

LEGO | Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster 10771 Building Kit (98 Pieces)

LEGO 4+ sets are an excellent way for young LEGO beginners to become familiar with the building blocks and construction pieces and indulge in imaginative play.

This roller coaster set includes Buzz Lightyear and Alien mini-figures, easy to assemble roller coaster cars, and track and provides plenty of hands-on activities.

  • 98 pieces
  • Model no: 10771
  • Buzz Lightyear and Alien Mini-figures

Recommended Ages: 4 years and up.

K'NEX Roller Coaster Building Sets

K'nex roller coaster building sets use their proprietary snap-together rod and connector building system rather than blocks.

See all K'nex Roller Coaster sets HERE!

K'nex Web Weaver Roller Coaster Kit

K'NEX Thrill Rides – Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set – 439 Pieces – Ages 9 and Up – Construction Educational Toy, Multicolor

Over 430 parts are here to build a roller coaster that stands 2.5 feet high and that kids can play with horizontally and vertically.

Web Weaver uses a battery-operated air-powered coaster car. The car can propel itself at high speed around the circuit when used upright or on its side.

Once you've built this roller coaster, you can switch off the room lights and see the track glow in the dark!

There are full building instructions, and you can purchase broken or spare parts from the K'nex official website if necessary. 

For ages: 9 years and up.

K'NEX Thrill Rides Bionic Blast Roller Coaster

K'NEX Thrill Rides – Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set with Ride It! App – 809Piece – Ages 9+ Building Set

Bionic Blast is a tech robot-themed roller coaster. It uses two Ferris Wheels to get the coaster car to the top of the structure; then, the car hurtles down the track to reset for another trip to the top.

Kids can download the free K'NEX Ride It! app from, enabling them to ride the Bionic Blast using the included virtual reality VR viewer. Kids can easilyassemble the K'nex cardboard VR viewer following simple instructions, then place their smart device into it.

The app also shows kids how to design a layout of their design.

In The Box:

  • 809 pieces including:
  • Roller Coaster track
  • Rods and connectors
  • Coaster car
  • Motor - requires two AA batteries, which are not included
  • Themed graphics
  • Full color instruction sheet

Age range: 9 to 14 years.

CDX Blocks Roller Coaster Sets

CDX Blocks roller coasters are designed by a real-life roller coaster engineer and use a block system that is fully compatible with the world's largest building block system

They work just like a real roller coaster.

The coaster cars are pre-assembled and have precision-machined metal wheels for smooth running. They are hauled to the top of the track by a hand-cranked chain drive and then free-fall using gravity to complete the track's circuit.

motor and power supply is available that fits the gear drive on all CDX Blocks roller coasters. You can also buy expansion packs and spare parts from the CDX Blocks website.

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions make for quick assembly and a real working model roller coaster.

Except for the Sidewinder, they may appear to have a 'vanilla' look, but kids can overcome this by creating some colorful additions to the finished set with LEGO pieces. 

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CDX Blocks Cyclone

CDX Blocks Cyclone Roller Coaster Building Block System

At 48 inches long, the Cyclone is a big model and uses over 900 pieces.

CDX Blocks Cyclone Roller Coaster Building Block System

Age range: 14 years and over.

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