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It's time to think about Christmas gift ideas. If you're wondering just what toys to consider, we've listed below some of the most popular toys for the Christmas 2020 holiday season.

Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot: STEM Toy, Coding Robot for Kids 7+

Artie 3000 is a STEM approved programmable coding and drawing robot. It will help stimulate kids imaginations and creativity and help them develop an interest in coding.

They put one of the colored markers into the robot, and it will draw line designs based on how they code it. Pre-programmed designs enable kids to start creating patterns straight out of the box. Artie will help kids develop logic and analytical skills while they are creative.

  • Easy setup
  • Control with Tablet, PC or Phone
  • Safe & secure built-in WiFi
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied)

Age range 7 to 12 years.

Blume Doll

Skyrocket Blume Doll - Add Water & See Who Grows

The new Blume Dolls come in a colorful flowerpot. Kids add a little water, and a few seconds later, just like magic, a doll emerges from the pot. But which one? There are 22 different and distinctive Blume dolls to collect. Each with a signature style characterized by their fashion choice and friends.

The pot becomes a playset after the doll has emerged, and each contains ten surprises inside — a bag or fashion shoes perhaps, a mini friend, and a sticker sheet.

For kids aged 3 years and up.

Boomtrix Metal Ball Chain Reaction

Goliath Boomtrix Multiball Kinetic Metal Ball Chain Reaction Stunt Kit - Fun - Educational - STEM

Can you drop a metal ball on to a series of trampolines, so it clears obstacles and reaches its goal? That's what kids need to do with the Goliath Boomtrix Multiball Kinetic Chain Reaction Stunt kit.

Kids lay out a course of trampolines and obstacles. Then release a metal ball (or several at once) from a launcher, so it bounces from trampoline to trampoline until it reaches its target. The launcher can release up to fifteen balls in succession, each bouncing along the plotted course.


  • Launcher
  • 8 Metal Balls 
  • 5 Trampolines
  • 3 Trampoline Curves
  • 3 Stunt Walls
  • 1 Stunt Ring
  • 1 Flapping goal
  • Instructions

This is a fun and entertaining toy that helps kids develop planning and motor skills as they plan out their stunt couse. 

For ages 8 and up.

Boppi The Booty Shaking Llama

Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shakin Llama Battery-Powered Dancing Robotic Toy by Zuru

Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama has been tipped as one of this year's most-wanted toys.
Boppi dances to three songs, twerks and spins, and rotates a full 360 degrees.
Available in white or purple, she'll get everyone dancing and laughing.

Batteries are included, but don't forget to get spare spares.

Age range 3 years and up.


PAI TECHNOLOGY Augmented Reality Robotic Building and Coding Kit, Botzees

Kids can learn coding and programming with the Botzee augmented reality (AR) robotic building kit. They can assemble any of six pre-designed Botzees or design a Botzee of their own. The kit contains 130 easy-to-handle building blocks, and 30 interactive AR games and puzzles to get their imaginations going.

Botzee is compatible with iOS12+ and Android 8+ devices.

Suitable for children aged four and older.

Candylocks Dolls

Candylocks BFF 2 Pack, 3-Inch Kerry Berry & Beau Nana, Scented Collectible Dolls with Accessories

Charlie Chip, Donna Nut, Kerry Berry, and Mint Chocolate Chip are the Candylocks Dolls, predicted to be one of the most in-demand toys for girls in 2019.

Candylocks dolls have hair just like cotton candy on a stick, and it smells just like Cotton Candy too. Kids can style candylocks hair any way they want to. They can choose between creating braids, or twists, buns, and other fun hairstyles.

Recommended age range: 4 to 6 years

Cities Skylines Board Game

Cities Skylines from Thames and Kosmos is the board game version of the successful video game. You plan, build, and manage a city from scratch.

Start with a vacant plot then create neighborhoods, roads, commercial parks, industrial areas, the whole infrastructure. You plan for everything that a vibrant city needs - education, crime prevention, financial resources, and so on. Kids play as a team working together to achieve what's best for their fast-growing city.

Cities Skylines is a neat Christmas gift for tweens and is one that adults will enjoy playing as well.

Recommended age range: 11 years and up

Code 'n Learn Kinderbot

Fisher-Price Code 'n Learn Kinderbot

The Code 'n Learn Kinderbot is one of the coolest toys for Christmas 2019 for preschoolers and toddlers. It helps young children get a headstart in learning before they start kindergarten.

Kids program the robot's movements by pressing directional control buttons in any sequence they choose. The large colorful control buttons on Kinderbot's head are easy to locate and use.

The robot lights up, is colorful, has cute sounds and fun phrases, and plenty of action.
It's a great little learning robot for younger kids.

Recommended age range: 3 to 6 years

Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set

Crayola Artic Color Chemistry Set for Kids, Steam/Stem Activities, Educational Toy, Ages 7, 8, 9, 10

Kids can conduct 50 winter science projects with the Crayola Color Chemistry Arctic Lab Set. They can do eighteen of these straight out of the box with the enclosed supplies.

There are also instructions for another thirty-two experiments.

Crystal effects, magic water beads, and snow globes - these are just a few of the STEM learning activities to be enjoyed with this chem set.

Recommended age range: 7 years and up.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets, Gift for Kids, Ages 3, 4, 5, 6 (Amazon Exclusive)

Crayola's Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets are for kids who want to customize their pets, then do it all over again. They can scribble designs and colors on the plain white creatures that come out of the box. Then, when they want to try another design, they can scrub them clean in the sparkly scrub tub and start again.

Four peculiar pets come in each set: A dragon, unicorn, narwhal, and yeti. You can buy additional pets like a rabbit and hamster, dogs, and cats.

Kids can color, wash, recolor - as often as they like!

For ages: 3 to 6 years.

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

WowWee Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal - Nori (Blue) - Friendly Interactive Toy

Fingerlings Light-Up Narwhals are the latest addition to WowWee's finger toy range. There are four of them.

These sea unicorns respond to touch and motion and have kiss tech to detect your cheek and kiss you. Their special mood horn will let you know just how they are feeling.

Fun sounds, a flapping tail, and blinking eyes make these fun toys, your special friend.
Narwhals are great stocking stuffer gifts and travel toys.

Recommended ages: 5 - 15 years

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Toy Set, 150 Pieces, Ages 4+

Gears Gears Gears from Learning Resources is a colorful building set that brings early STEM learning to preschoolers. The set includes gears, bases, six-way axles, pillars, cranks, a storage tub, and an activity guide.

Start by building a base and then add pieces horizontally or vertically. All parts are interchangeable and provide scope for numerous designs and creative fun. You get 150 pieces, a storage tub, and an activity guide.

Recommended age: 4 and up

Gigantosaurus Action Figures

Gigantosaurus Figures Giganto & Friends Toy Action Figures, Includes: Giganto, Mazu, Bill, Tiny & Rocky - Articulated Characters Range from 2.5-5.5" Tall

Gigantosaurus is joined by his four little dinosaur friends Bill, Mazu, Rocky, and Tiny in this action figure set based on the hit show Gigantosaurus. It follows the adventures of four young dino friends as they search for the biggest dinosaur of all - the Gigantosaurus.

Gigant is the largest and fiercist of all the prehistoric dinosaurs and the little dinos - Inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, Scared Bill and Brave Rocky all want to discover the secrets of Gigantosaurus, and find what they can learn from him.

The figures range in height from 2.5 to 5.5 inches. This is a nice set for fans of Gigantosarus or dinos in general.

Recommended ages: 3+

Go Glam Nail Stamper

Cool Maker 6045484 GO Glam Nail Stamper, Nail Studio with 5 Patterns to Decorate 125 Nails, Multicolour

Kids who are into manicures will love Go Glam Nail Stamper. It's a fun and easy-to-use toy that stamps patterns on to any size nail.

You paint a base coat on your nails, then press down with the stamper to customize your look.

Blue and purple Go Glam nail polishes are included, as well as five stamp designs such as unicorns, flamingoes, cupcakes. The polish is non-toxic and safe for kids.

You can buy refills for the polish and stamps, and the kids can keep everything in the Go Glam bag that comes with the stamper.

Recommended ages: 8 and up.

Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Set

Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run & STEM Toy For Boys & Girls Age 8 & Up - 2019 Toy of The Year Finalist

Gravitrax by Ravensburger is synonymous with marble runs, and they have a cracking range this year. These toys are epic! They use an interactive track system that enables you to design and build marble run layouts straightaway.

There are two starter sets, one almost twice the size of the other - 240 elements vs 122 elements - and have a range of add-ons that can enhance the capabilities of your designs.

A great feature of these sets is that they provide screen-free play. No smart device is needed to have a lot of creative fun. However, you can download a free app to record all your track designs so you can rebuild them again later.

There are no electronics involved. It's a complete manual concept that gets kids learning about gravity, magnetism, and kinetics, and which exercises their planning skills, spatial reasoning and creative flair.

Gravitrax comes with full instructions, and you can start to play with it straight out the box. This is a STEM toy that can be played with by the family.

Recommended age range: 8 years and above.

Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up - Toy of the Year Award winner

Gravity Maze Marble Run is a combination of marble run, STEM toy, and a logic game by ThinkFun. It teaches children planning and reasoning skills while they're having fun. It's different from most marble run games in that it uses a modular cube system, not tubes or tracks, to create the layout.

Gravity Maze is a single-player game. Kids use challenge cards to set up the marble run on a grid, and then they have to get the falling marble from a high start point into a designated end position.

Challenge cards show where to place the cube towers to create a path leading to the target, and full easy-to-learn game instructions let kids start playing straightaway. Kids have multi-level challenges to work through, from beginner to expert.

In the box, there are a game grid, 9 building towers, target tower, 3 marbles (1 to play with plus 2 spares), 60 Challenges and full games instructions.

Gravity maze is a cool STEM toy for kids to play with on their own.

Recommended ages 8+

Hatching Toothless Baby Dragon

Dreamworks Dragons, Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon with Sounds, for Kids Aged 5 & Up

Kids can interact with Toothless Baby Dragon even when he's still in his shell. His eyes will light up. You can see them through the shell. By agitating it you can make Toothless hatch out, then train him to fly and plasma blast.

This cute little dragon has sounds and movements that are interactive. He can move his ears and flap his wings as you guide him. His mouth will glow, and he can roar.

Based on the movie 'How To Train Your Dragon 3' this baby dragon toy will get young imaginations working overtime.

Two AA batteries required, and are included.

Age range: 5 to 7 years.

Hot Wheels Techmod Accelo GT

Hot Wheels TechMods Accelo Gt

Kids who are interested in cars and technology will get a big buzz from the Hot Wheels Techmod Accelo GT.

They can build the car from the chassis up by fitting all the body panels to the base RC unit. Control is via a free app that is downloadable to their smart device. They can steer the car freestyle via the app, or play treasure hunt games or mini-game challenges in the app.

Kids can follow full gamified and visual tutorials that enable them to customize their racer and hone their driving skills. A lithium polymer battery is included.

Recommended Ages: 8 to 16 year olds.

Juno My Baby Elephant

Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant with Interactive Moving Trunk & Over 150 Sounds & Movements

Juno My Baby Elephant is a cute lilac-colored robotic pet elephant with a pink tuft of hair. This baby elephant has a lifelike animated trunk that can pick up and throw things, floppy movable ears, a wagging tail, and alluring eyes.

Juno's personality develops through being touched, held, and played with as your child encourages Juno to master the use of its trunk, to move around, and to make sounds.

With more than 150 lifelike sounds and movements, Juno is smart and full of personality.
This interactive toy is bound to be a hit with children, following on the heels of the new Dumbo movie and being released in time for Christmas 2019.


  • My Juno baby elephant
  • Mouse accessory
  • Peanut accessory
  • Progress report card
  • Care guide
  • Wildluvs zoo postcard
  • Instruction booklet

Requires 4 AA batteries which are not included.

Recommended age: Five years and up.

LEGO Paranormal Intercept Bus

LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423 Augmented Reality (AR) Building Kit with Toy Bus, Toy App allows for endless Creative Play with Ghost Toys and Vehicle (689 Pieces)

Lego continues to release exciting new concepts, and the LEGO Paranormal Intercept Bus from the Hidden Side series is a great example. It's a traditional building kit combined with augmented reality gameplay that gives kids a fully interactive experience.

The fun starts with building the bus. Then, after downloading the free LEGO Hidden Side app, they scan the bus with their smart device to look for paranormal activity. As they move their device around the bus, the environment changes on their screens. They can see ghosts hiding then set out to defeat them.

The 689 piece kit includes 6 figures, many accessory items, and full instructions.

There is plenty of play value here, from building the bus, role-playing, to chasing spooks with high tech. Great fun.

Recommended age range: 8 years and up.

Read more here about LEGO Ghost Hunting sets


LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Swag Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises

Swag fashion Doll

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Royal Bee Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises

Royal Bee fashion Doll

LOL Surprise Fashion Dolls come with 20 surprises, so kids can make these sassy sisters strut their style all day. They can use the packaging as her closet when the doll is unboxed. She has loads of accessories like shoes, fashions,hatbox, garment bags, hairbrush, and purse, and loads more.

These Outrageous Millenial Girls have great features and stunning hair.

For ages 6 to 10 years.

Makeblock Codey Rocky Programmable Robot

Makeblock Codey Rocky Programmable Robot, Fun Toys Gift to Learn AI, Python, Remote Control, Available for Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook, iOS, and Android, STEM Education for Kids Ages 6+.

Codey Rocky uses an easy-to-use graphical programming language to teach young children about coding. The robot consists of Codey, the stand-alone remote controller, and Rockey the vehicle that moves Codey around.

Codey has the LED face and uses a processor and ten programmable electronic sensors, and clips into Rocky, the tracked motorized base unit.

Kids can learn how to program Codey Rocky by connecting to the mBlock app (iOS and Android) and can control Codey with a PC, tablet, or smartphone. They can also play with the robot as a remote-controlled toy using their smart device.

No assembly is required, and Codey Rocky is ready to play with straight out the box.

For kids 6 years and over.

Novie Interactive Smart Robot

Novie Interactive Smart Robot for Kids with Over 75 Actions & Learns 12 Tricks, Blue

The Novie Robot from Spinmaster is Boxer's younger sibling. Novie is an interactive smart robot that's ready to play out the box. He is motion-sensitive and controlled by hand gestures.

Small he may be, but he's packed with techy goodness. He has 12 tricks, can perform 75 different actions following 14 hand gestures, and uses more than 60 animations. His LED eyes change color as he moves from beginner to intermediate to advanced mode.

Novie comes in 3 colors - red, blue or purple - and he's suitable for group play. If kids each have a Novie, they'll play together.

Requires 4 x AG13 batteries.

Recommended age range: 4 to 6 years.


Owleez, Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights & Sounds (White), for Kids Aged 6 & Up

Owleez, the baby owl from Spinmaster, is an interactive flying toy. Kids can choose between a pink or a snowy owl. Out the box you get a baby owl, its nest with charging lead, and full instructions. Kids will love nurturing her, petting her, and teaching her how to fly. She will show her emotions by changing eye color (nine different colors) and making cute sounds. 

She's made of lightweight, durable materials and can survive crashes until she can fly properly.
Until then, feed her berries and charge her up in her nest.

When she's airborne using her helecopter wings you can steer her with  your hand.

  • Charging Nest
  • Over 100 sounds and movements
  • Use USB cable to recharge
  • 4 to 5 flights per charge
  • Quick Start & Instruction Guides

Recommended age range: 6 to 8 years

Pictionary Air

Mattel Games Pictionary Air - Navy Pen Version with 30 Unique Cards [Amazon Exclusive]

Pictionary Air from Mattel is a fun family drawing game, and just right for the holidays. You draw an image in the air and see it on your smart device.

To get started, you'll need to download the free Pictionary Air App to your smartphone or tablet. Then take turns using a clue card to draw clues in the air using the Air pen - a sort of electronic pointing device - for others to guess what the images are.

They can point their in-app camera at the illustrator and see the air sketch on their screen as well. There are other entertaining features like being able to cast the gameplay on to your TV and being able to record performances for a good laugh later.

This is a fun, high tech, super cool Christmas toy.

With the Air Pen, you get 112 double-sided clue cards, a card box, and an AA battery. A great toy for tweens and younger kids.

Recommended age range: 8+

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet with Tempo Control - Baby Shark - Interactive Preschool Plush Toy

The Pinkfong Baby Shark from WowWee is a fun soft plush puppet that is a real gas.

When you move the baby shark's mouth, it starts to play the hit baby shark song. You can change the tempo by moving the puppet mouth faster or slower.

There are three versions.: Baby Shark in yellow, Mommy Shark in pink, and Daddy Shark in blue, all sold separately.

Just right for a sing-a-long at parties.

Age range: 2 to 15 years.

Snapstar Dolls

#SNAPSTAR - Yuki, Toy

The Snapstar Squad is a trendy group of BFFs with a shared love of style and fashion, travel, food, and music, and they are ready to take on the world!

Kids will love Aspen, Dawn, Echo, Izzy, Lola, and Yuki - the six Snapstar dolls. They each have a unique style reflected in their clothes and accessories. A free downloadable Snapstar Studio app - available for both iOS, from the App Store, and Android, from Google Play - adds versatility to styling these dolls.

The dolls are sold separately and include: 

  • Snapstar Doll
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Posing stand
  • Green screen
  • Free download of the Snapstar Studio App

Additional clothes and accessories are also available and sold separately.

There is a selection of official Snapstar tutorials to watch online covering how to use the posing stand, green screen, and backdrops as well as how to apply make-up and how to use Snapstars’ hair and accessories.

Snapstars could be one of the coolest doll collections of 2019 - super-easy to use and great fun.

Recommended age range: 3 years and up.

Treasure X King's Gold Treasure Tomb

Treasure X King's Gold Treasure Tomb

Treasure X King's Gold Treasure Tomb gives kids a quest to find as much hidden treasure as they can. From cracking open the treasure vault, avoiding traps and releasing the King from his tomb, this playset provides a lot of problem-solving features to keep kids entertained.

The playset case closes to keep everything in place and for easy transport.

Recommended age range: 5 to 15 years.

Tumbling Hedgehog

Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog Science Experiment & Model Building Kit, Build Your Own Sound Activated Tumbling, Rolling, Scurrying Pet Hedgehog

Kids can learn about robotics and engineering with the Tumbling Hedgehog from Thames and Kosmos. It's a new type of sound activated electronic pet, in kit form.

Assembly can be challenging. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 3, this would be a 2, so some adult input may be needed for younger kids who are more interested in playing with it than the building side.

Kids control their pet hedgehog's movements by different types of clapping. It will react by putting on a show of tumbles, rolls, and spins. It will curl into a ball and bristle its spines.

Full instructions are in a step-by-step guide, plus a detailed video on YouTube.

This is a fun toy that will appeal to kids interested in STEM and who enjoy putting things together.

Recommended ages: 7 years and up

Walking Buzz Lightyear

Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear, 7"

The Walking Buzz Lightyear is a seven inch figure based on the popular character in the Disney Toy Story 4 movie. Kids will love that he talks, walks and turns, can deploy his wings and his lasers light up. kids will enjoy playing with this - To Infinity and Beyond!

Recommended ages: 3 years and up.

WowWee Buttheads

WowWee Buttheads - Grim Ripper - Interactive Farting Figurine

WowWee Buttheads. The toys who fart - gross or what! But they are amusing (perhaps). Each has a characteristic fart sound, and can be set to let rip with a delayed action timer, so you can prank people when you are not around. Kids love these.

There are eight of them so they could become collectibles. With names like King Butt, The Grim Reaper, Sir Flushalot, and Uranus .... well, you get the picture!

A smelly trading card is included, so are batteries.

Recommended ages: 5 to 15 years.


Little Live Pets Wraptiles - Lizzagon

Vipora the Cobra, Croxor the Crocodile, and Lizzagon the Lizard are the Wraptiles from Little Live Pets. They're reptilian interactive pets that wrap around your wrist. They are not soft, fluffy, and cuddly like Wrapples. They are mean, moody, and ready to cause trouble! But they will be your kid's best friend.

They indicate their mood by the changing color of their eyes and the sounds they make. You can record your voice, and they'll play it back to you with a suitable snarly voice. With more than fifty sounds and actions Wraptiles will provide a lot of fun. They are entertaining anywhere and make for a good travel toy as well.

Recommended ages: 5 to 15 years.

Don't leave your Christmas toy buying till the last minute. Popular toys often run out of stock near to Christmas.